Taurus: Refining Desire

Astrologically, Taurus rules the throat and the throat chakra, vishuddha, which is the etheric counterpart of the thyroid gland. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which represents the principle of attraction. In orthodox astrology Taurus and the second house of the natal chart describe the values and resources of the individual, whereas Libra and the seventh house describe partnership. Venus in Taurus pertains much more to what (and how) one likes, loves, desires and attributes value to; while Venus in Libra suggests how these things are embodied in ‘other’ and encountered in relationship. Taurus, belonging to the earthy triplicity, reveals appetites and modes of sensuality and how these are expressed materially. It refers to our self-expression as well as to how we engage, sensually and practically, with our environments. Libra (belonging to air) is more social than sensual in character, and shows how we interact with others one to one, and with whom we choose to interact.

The throat chakra is the vortex of force concerned with creative self-expression. It is located at the back of the neck and reaches up towards the base of the brain and the medulla oblongata, and down towards the shoulder blades. All problems emanating from this region pertain to throat chakra imbalance. This chakra is positioned to link the head chakras with those below the throat. In this way it represents what theosophy calls the antahkarana, the energetic bridge that links the mind, the brain and the soul, thus allowing higher spiritual forces to flow into the embodied individual:

Of this connecting ‘bridge’, the neck itself is the symbol, as it relates the head – alone and isolated – to the dual torso, consisting of that which lies below – the symbol of the soul and the personality united, fused and blended into one.1

This symbolism reveals that an aspect of the throat’s function is to create a conduit between higher and lower, and between higher, unified forces and the duality experienced in the earth realm.

The throat chakra is in an energetic relationship with the sacral chakra (ruled by Scorpio and the eighth house: the polarity of Taurus and the second), which illuminates the fact that these two chakras are involved in procreativity, creativity and the transmutation of sexual desire into spiritual aspiration. In developmental terms, creative activity is raised from the sacral centre to the throat centre in the disciple; the raising of creative activity from the throat centre to the ajna centre (brow chakra) is the mark of the initiate.

The throat also forms a link between the head and the heart. The more the activity of the throat centre is withheld, the more alienated from each other grow the head and the heart. We get to the point where we are not even sure what we think or feel. Our heads seem to be severed from our bodies. Alice Bailey refers to the resistance of the personality to the influx of soul force affecting the activity of the throat.2 If the throat is not kept active, expressive and open, self-expression is starved of true thought and true feeling. The correspondence of this starvation at a more refined level is the personality refusing the nourishment of the soul. We do not readily swallow (accept) what might upset our perceived, cherished stability; we resist accommodating the requirements of our higher selves because we are emotionally attached to our views, reactions and personal identities. In this way, we are prone to becoming exceedingly stuck in personality conditions.

It is through human beings that the material and the spiritual realms can be brought into alignment; we are bridges, we walk between worlds; we are similarly the conduit through which planetary and extra-planetary forces can be brought into alignment.

The work of bridging finds its symbolic correspondences in many areas of the body, but very particularly in the neck/throat area, which shows how important the energy of Taurus is in bringing spiritual illumination to physical conditions:

For the great task of Taurus is not the simple instruction to ‘go forth and multiply’ but the far deeper one of ushering in the physical manifestation of the exquisite harmony of the spheres. Into the heart of life on earth, into daily toil, into family life, into spheres practical, mental, emotional and artistic, Taurus must bring down what his spirit has learned when he pastured in the fiery stars. …

Mankind must gain mastery over the powerful, vigorous bull of its animal nature, and make of it a sacrificial offering so that the vitality of its blood might be poured upon the germinating seed of the spirit, the Light Within.3

The desire and aversion we experience in our relationships are grist to the mill of the spiritual project of transmutation undertaken in Taurus. The energy of these reactions, when observed and ‘owned’ and seen for what they are, can be used to relate the lower nature to the higher self:

Men have sought through physical expression to produce the inner fusion and harmony which they crave and this cannot be done. Sex is but the symbol of an inner duality which must be itself transcended and wrought into a unity. It is not transcended by physical means or rituals. It is a transcendence in consciousness.4

The quotation above is entirely categorical: what we crave in our sexual relationships ‘cannot be done’. The necessary dissatisfaction and disenchantment arising from frustrated desire potentially serves the purpose of raising consciousness and fomenting spiritual aspiration. It is as if we have to reach a certain pitch of desperation before we get real about what might be an appropriate object for our love energy.

The quality of the throat chakra energy will be reflected in self-expression and the quality of the speech. When energy is balanced in the etheric vehicle, speech is clear and resonant. Sound vibration has always been used to call the body into balance; spiritual practices have always included mantra or vowel song. Sound resonates through the whole body, making energy travel up and down the spine, thus re-membering the connections between the energy centres and our connections to the six directions. Sound can be used very practically to invoke this connectedness and inter-connectedness, and to call our selves into the fullness of being. Working through the throat in this way is a good way forward for problems pertaining to Taurean, Venusian or second-house energies. As Venus is to the Earth what the higher self is to the personality, the potential of reviving and re-invigorating the throat may be truly illuminating:

The question is: Will the Bull of desire or the Bull of Divine illumined expression succeed?’5


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In professional practice as an astrologer since 1999. Trained with Faculty of Astrological Studies and apprenticeship through DK Foundation. Kate has written and tutored a correspondence course in Natal Astrology and written numerous articles for online publication. Longstanding interest in health and healing, and how the energies of the zodiac show up in the body and physical/emotional challenges.

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