Finding Balance: Autumn Equinox 2015

Autumn Equinox 2015

23rd September 08:22 GMT

Why do you stay in prison

when the door is so wide open?

Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.

Live in silence.

Flow down and down in always

widening rings of Being.


The Sun’s entry into the sign of Libra marks the moment of the autumn equinox, point of balance, as day and night are of equal length all over the globe: a remarkable shared experience for the global human community. In this way, at this moment, we are united. We can choose to bring conscious awareness to this moment of balance and unity, tuning in to the energy of Libra which signifies balance, harmony, justice and relationship. Balance. Balance is what holds everything together.

The spring equinox, governed by Mars-ruled Aries, is like being under starter’s orders: we’re all poised to burst into the burgeoning year. Under Venus-ruled Libra, the autumn equinox is a more restful experience: the harvest is home, the frantic outwardness of summer dwindles to quiet; there is time for reflection, inwardness and appreciation. The nights are drawing in. The Sun, born at midwinter, has been waning since midsummer and by now we feel the effects of its withdrawal. Leaves are falling, the air is colder; the life forces are contracting, moving downward and inward; externally, light and warmth are leaving.

But all through the spring and summer we have been metabolising the light and warmth of the Sun. Now it is for us to carry this solar light and warmth inwardly as qualities of soul. Internalised, the light of the Sun illuminates the soul’s path, warms the soul’s interest, allowing us to reflect and change and grow. The seeds that we will plant in spring are now ripening, drying and falling. This period of reflection and adaptation precedes Samhain, where we shed and cull what is no longer needed and what cannot be sustained over the dark months of winter. Right now, bathed in the golden glow of the waning autumn Sun, still enjoying the last fruits of the garden and hedgerows, is the time for gratitude, reappraisal and reorientation.

Observing this solar cycle can remind us of all the other cycles – vast and small – of which it is a part. On every level we are moving, like the Sun and Moon, through phases of newness, waxing, culmination, waning and shedding. This is the truth of our lives on Earth. Birth, growth, death and decay happen together and imply each other – as faces of a more mysterious wholeness.

In our everyday perception we see-saw between dualities or polarities: birth/death; growth/ decay; health/illness; light/dark; day/night; hot/cold; self/other; life/death; beginning/end; you/me; us/them. It is our human work, perhaps, and certainly the work of Libra, to find the way between these extremes, to cultivate in our perception an awareness of wholeness and balance where experience is not distributed between two poles. The solstices and equinoxes are cosmic moments where we are able to glimpse something of the wholeness. Libra’s qualities of balance and appreciation serve us well in this regard, bringing a sense of pause and poise that can be surprisingly awakening.

This year the autumn equinox, marked by the Sun’s entry into the sign of Libra, occurs at 08:22 GMT (09:22 BST) on 23rd September. Libra is under the rulership of Venus, and the condition of Venus signifies themes being brought in by the equinox. Venus is in Leo in an exact trine with Uranus in Aries. Uranus, the esoteric ruler of Libra, governs the spiritually illuminated aspect of Libra. This is very positive: there is a harmonious flow of force (the trine) between the personality perspective (the level of form) and the soul/higher self level. The personality level is open for a download of spiritual information or inspiration. Connection.

Uranus manifests in surprising and unpredictable ways, often upsetting the personality level of life, which it is seeking to awaken, opening us to the greater reality of the higher self. Its energy is disruptive, restless, stimulating and eccentric. It is helping us develop intelligence founded upon intuition rather than mere rationality. How we think and perceive constructs the reality that we experience; when thought and perception are opened up (or broken up) new realities come into view.

This is one of the two major themes of the equinox. Should we abide with the old certainties and all the old limitations or let the newly perceived realities shatter us and be born into a greater sense of who we are and what life is for? The other major theme is heralded by an exact sextile between the Sun at 0° Libra and Saturn at 0° Sagittarius. Saturn’s trawl through the sign of Scorpio was dark and onerous. It finally breaks out of that brooding yin energy on 18th September, launching into the fresh and philosophical atmosphere of Sagittarius. Here Saturn lends its seriousness and discipline to the often wayward and unfocused archer, whose sign rules the quest for meaning. Saturn brings weight and gravitas, urging us to be optimistic and realistic. As the archer, Sagittarius calls for vision and one-pointedness. Saturn will create channels of energy where we aim our arrows. Aims and intentions count.

Saturn’s transition into Sagittarius (signifying foreignness) has been accompanied by the media attention given to what has been crudely dubbed ‘the migrant crisis’. Philosophical questions about humanitarian responsibility, moral and social justice, refugees and Fortress Europe are sagittarian in character. Urgent action is needed and Saturn will bring force to actions taken at this time. We can choose to bury ourselves deep in our habitual separative, selfish consciousness. Or we can see it human – and be aware of how our political institutions (and our individual expectations) need to alter to accommodate human values. Saturn will throw its weight behind our aims and intentions, whatever they may be. So may we be mindful.

This moment of equinox asks for justice.

Kate Hubert

Awen Astrology


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In professional practice as an astrologer since 1999. Trained with Faculty of Astrological Studies and apprenticeship through DK Foundation. Kate has written and tutored a correspondence course in Natal Astrology and written numerous articles for online publication. Longstanding interest in health and healing, and how the energies of the zodiac show up in the body and physical/emotional challenges.

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