About Kate Hubert


Crisis brought me, as it does so many, to astrology.  I was hoping for guidance and relief from suffering; what I gained was a cosmic context for understanding not just my life but life in general!  Having a spiritual context of significance – a sense of the bigger picture – redeems the pains of personal struggle.  As Nietzsche said, “One who has a why to live can tolerate almost any how.”

My work as an astrologer is influenced by esoteric and Jungian astrologies and a deep love of druidry.  I want to help people identify and honour their authentic identity here and now, to find power and purpose, and to sense soul forces.  More than that: I want them to find connection to self, to others, to our planetary home and to the greater context of unfolding which holds all life.

I work from the assumption that we are spiritual beings having constrained and partial experiences in physical form as bodies and personalities.  The personality is the vehicle of the soul.  I want to help people find alignment between soul and personality, so that they can use the conditions and opportunities of their lives in service of the soul.  I’m interested in health and healing as the energetic and physical condition of the body is crucial in the receiving and transmitting of earth and celestial energies, which we are designed to do.

I have been a consulting astrologer since 1999 and enjoy working with clients to help them find meaning and purpose. My readings offer people an understanding of the developmental requirements and opportunities of their lives, and an appreciation of their soul’s journey in the past and towards the future.  I offer a written reading followed up with a personal consultation (in person or on Skype).  Updates are available for returning clients.  I also offer ongoing bi-weekly sessions of chart exploration, Mapping the Soul, for those wanting to work in depth.

Regular workshops run in South Devon based around astrological themes and insights.

I engage with a range of sources (oriental medicine, new age thinking, esoteric philosophy, occult teaching, psychological astrology) for inspiration, and to offer a consideration of the birth chart.  I’m particularly interested in healing, challenge and growth in the context of astrology. Anyone can explore and find illumination through this work, examining their own issues and physical/emotional experience. My interest is in how the cosmos interweaves with the microcosmic human, helping us to take hold of both astrology and the art of being human in a deeper way.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss having a consultation or Mapping the Soul sessions.

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