Awen is a celtic word that means something like, “the spirit of inspiration”. I think of it as being the inspiration that arises when heaven and earth are connected through human presence. Astrology is a language that describes the way in which heaven and earth connect through human presence and how this unique encounter conditions our experience.

I call my astrology practice Awen Astrology because through the medium of astrology I see human beings standing upright between heaven and earth, receiving and transmitting the energies of above and below, heaven and earth. We receive impulses and inspirations from above and transmit them into the earth; similarly earth impulses are received and transmitted to heaven.

We all transmit and receive these vibrational energies according to our own unique design, which is captured in the birth chart: the blueprint of the life. The birth chart is a picture of the heavens at the moment and from the place of birth. It describes the individual’s “matrix”. The lifetime is the unfolding over time of this energetic matrix.

In my work as an astrologer I want to help people identify and honour their authentic identity here and now, to find power and purpose, and to sense soul forces. I’m very interested in health and healing as the energetic and physical condition of the body is crucial in the receiving and transmitting of earth and celestial energies, which we are designed to do.