Chiron into Aries


Chiron, wounded healer, leader of centaurs, is moving into Aries today, breaking over the celestial horizon and entering the very first degree of the zodiac. It was last here in 1968, except then of course it was undiscovered (discovery came in 1977). Chiron was the teacher and mentor to the solar heroes: it was one of Hercules’ deadly poisoned arrows that wounded Chiron’s thigh in an accident, leaving him unable to recover and yet unable, being the son of Saturn, to die. He has to learn to live with the wound.

From celtic legend we inherit the Fisher King, charged with keeping the Holy Grail, who has also been wounded in the thigh, too sick to live and to sick to die. He is forever growing weaker and is unable to father a child to whom to pass on the duty of keeping the Grail; as he weakens his realm becomes increasingly arid, until it is a wasteland. His palace, full of riches, can no longer even be found.

The pain signified by Chiron in the birth chart is often intense and difficult. The house and sign occupied will be a place where the native cannot recover from wounding and yet neither can they die to, or give up on, this aspect of life. Instead they have to learn to be with pain and difficulty, which will bring them back time and again to the unavoidable wound. This process cultivates awareness of the area of life concerned, allowing creativity, wisdom and compassion to arise. In Kahlil Gibran’s words, ‘Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. … It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.’

Our preoccupation with our own wounds is, however, boring and limiting. We have to learn to look after ourselves without dwelling in pain. Pain is, in a sense, information coming in an uncompromising, dense and intense form. We can learn from it; it helps to bring our feeling lives to life; it is what has evaded the anaesthetic of our ways of being. To this extent it is a useful guide. And Chiron, as wound and as teacher, guides us towards what we need to give back to life, community, companions. The wisdom and compassion which are the potential gifts of Chiron emerge when we take our focus off ourselves, stop endlessly licking our wounds and start giving back.

The particular wisdom Chiron brings, arising out of difficulty, is the key to the contribution our souls are longing to make to life. Suzanne Rough ( describes Chiron as ‘spokesman for the soul’s intention regarding the process of incarnation’. The world is hungry for the deep awareness and compassion that the wounded healer bestows.

Chiron’s orbit, between Saturn and Uranus, is the ‘rainbow bridge’ between the planets of our separated personality consciousness and the outer planets that call to our connected, timeless soul existences. Chiron weaves together the experiences of our limited, amnesiac personalities and the limitlessness of soul, drawing us ever back to our soul’s intention, which will ultimately serve evolution (evolution being, in the words of Castaneda’s Don Juan Matus, the ‘product of intending at a very profound level’). Intention is an activity of the will. It requires determination.

Chiron’s entry into Aries, beginning a new cycle, is an emergence after a long journey below the horizon. Its energy is brought now forcibly into the outward world of activity and expression. Here in Aries Chiron asks us to become effective, to galavanise our wills and actively to serve the will of life. There is an urgent imperative to resist being defeated by a sense of our own weakness; we need to show up and get on with it.

Kate Hubert

Awen Astrology


Capricorn Kaput? Re-dreaming authority

arianrhodWhen the Grandmothers from the four directions come to speak, a new time is coming.”

It is amazing to my ears to hear discussions of patriarchy being aired in mainstream culture: for so many years these were confined to ‘radical feminism’! The generalised denigration and abuse of women was just the way it was. And then Jupiter went into Scorpio and Weinstein came tumbling down. Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto (dispositing Jupiter in Scorpio), has been travelling through Capricorn since 2008 and is at the bottom of this unravelling of the fabric of power and of a certain register of Capricorn that is right at the forefront of our collective mind at the moment: authoritarian, patriarchal, status-seeking, exploitative and ruthlessly materialistic.

Pluto’s journey through Capricorn is taking a demolition ball to defunct expressions of the sign’s energy. And as Capricorn rules the structures, traditions, conventions and systems of authority and governance that bring order at the physical, social and political levels of our lives (e.g. public life, the ‘apparent world’) Pluto’s work is literally making headlines as it dismantles obsolete expressions of Capricorn. Plutonic energy expels toxicity from any system, and so it is currently exposing abuses of power and status, and all the associated rottenness of that.

But of course, there are many registers to our experience, and they express a variety of ways in which we may potentially receive and understand experience. We need now to be alert to a different register of Capricorn, one stripped of its patriarchal overlay. There’s an urgent need to re-dream Capricorn. The sign belongs to the Earth element, always associated with ‘feminine’ energy (downward moving, grounded and receptive). Earth is definitively about nourishment, support and sustainability. Pluto’s exposure of Capricorn’s shadow simultaneously unveils its more life-affirming underlying archetype, which is that all life depends on relationship with Gaia, planet Earth. While our connection to the planetary body in general and to place or land in particular may seem remote to many it is, as it always was, fundamental to survival. Our understanding of this connection now stands in need of renovation – it needs to become conscious, lived and felt. Or, more simply, honoured.

Right now Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn (turbo-charged in its own sign) is, like Pluto, travelling through Capricorn, moving inexorably towards 2020 when they will meet. It is 500 years since they last met here and this time signifies the powerful seeding of a massive new cycle of growth. There will be three major planetary conjunctions in 2020, two of them in Capricorn (Saturn–Pluto and Jupiter–Pluto). We are now living through the falling away of old cycles, a hiatus before the beginning of the new; this is a powerful time for establishing a new resonance with which to work and focus intent. And during 2018, as Jupiter sextiles Pluto from Scorpio, there is great assistance to do just that (as expressed, for example, by the #metoo movement) and to alter the register of our experience; but we have to do the work of re-dreaming Capricorn.

Pluto is creating space for a more authentic order of authority to be established, and it is this resonance of Capricorn that we need to identify now. The energy of Capricorn, being earthy and retracted, belongs to the land. The indigenous traditions of our island home in Britain have been harshly and systematically interrupted, but the wisdom (or dream) they grew out of still exists within the land and within our bones; it may not be in our habit to relate to it, but this wisdom is accessible through ritual and meditative connection. Capricorn has become identified with the ‘power over’ model of human relations and with the very force of authority that seeks to interrupt indigenous authority/wisdom/connection and this is what is falling away now as the glamours of ‘power over’ and of human separation from the body of the Earth begin to dissipate under Pluto’s spell.

Some astrologers in North America engaged in finding a new resonance for Capricorn are calling it the Circle of Grandmothers, referring to a Native American prophecy, “When the Grandmothers from the four directions come to speak, a new time is coming.” The Circle of Grandmothers ‘are the teachers looking back at the previous seven generations, gleaning knowledge about what has worked and what hasn’t, informing them as to what is needed in the present to sustain the next seven generations’ (Holly Alexander). Old age and its wisdom are under the rulership of Capricorn, and the authoritative place of wise elder women in first-nation cultures suggests a corrective to our youth-loving, male-dominated authority structures. There is a desperate need for a reinstatement of eldership in our communities.

In British mythology an archetype associated with the authority of cosmic order is the goddess Arianrhod, one of the great mothers named in the Mabinogian, where her story is one of being tricked into giving her power to her son by stealth. The Mabinogian stories are renditions of ancient myths recorded in patriarchal times, narrating the very passing of feminine power to masculine agency. Silver-circled Arianrhod is a celestial goddess whose cloak of stars is the celestial sphere, turning and turning around her as she, like an axis, holds heaven and earth in right relationship. Her heavenly spiralling energy is found at the core of all forms, evident in bone, seashell, DNA. She is both very distant and inmost: most remote and most intimately known, as confirmed by the Law of Correspondence. This axial feminine archetype brings us a sense of connection, an order of being, that exists between starry lives and our own embodied human existence. She holds together distant star and the shape of the human hand painted on the rocky wall of a cave, and declares their necessary relationship, even their interdependence.

As a great mother of the starry heavens connecting the most distant with the inmost, Arianrhod resolves the polarity of Capricorn and Cancer. Arianrhod’s dark and holding night surrounds us with powerful, fruitful gentleness, in a place of umbilical connection and safety. Nourishment by the mother in Cancer and empowerment by the father in Capricorn are not in reality separate experiences but part of an archetypal human wholeness. Both communicate that we are securely and lovingly held, in inner and outer life. There is no need for fear. Indeed, fear belongs to the misapprehension that we are alone, disconnected, separate. The womb-like wintry darkness of Capricorn can be hard for the personality to handle. Not knowing, not seeing the way, no growth being evident are troublesome for us when we are disconnected and out of touch with support; but when we connect with trust to all that holds us, the mystery of the dark is beautiful and richly nourishing, the seeding space deeply valuable. And this is where we are right now.

In this darkness we can either freak out or seek connection with that axial power that holds the worlds together! This power holds us in right relationship with the worlds, each other and all our relations, past, present and future. It is in this place that we must now patiently work with our connection to Gaia, to initiate modes of authority that serve the whole circle of life.

Astrology Circle (working with meditation, sound and ritual) timed to coincide with Jupiter’s second sextile to Pluto will take place on Sunday 15th April in Ashburton, South Devon.  Please contact me if this interests you.



Crafting the Collective Soul: Towards 2020

Forging-a-sworda day of astrological exploration

for all levels of experience, from beginners to professionals

The Hexagon, Park Rd, Dartington Estate, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6EQ

Saturday 11th November 2017 10:00-17:00 £50 (£35 low income)

with Barry Goddard, Kate Hubert & Moira Lake

Remember the days before China became a superpower? Before the ‘Great Recession’, Islamic State, mass electronic surveillance, Donald Trump and Brexit? We’ve been through a huge shift over the last nine years, reflected in the square from Uranus to Pluto. The years between now and the SaturnPluto conjunction of 2020 will shape decisively the world in which we and our descendants will live. How can working with the planets guide us in meeting the challenges of this time?

Empowerment and Actualisation: SaturnPluto in the Natal Chart with Barry Goddard

Pluto empowers, Saturn pushes us to actualise. For many of us, the period around 2020 will represent a major life-shift. We will begin by looking at the SaturnPluto conjunction of 1982 through the charts of some public figures, where the collective aspect of these planets is also involved. We will then look at the 2020 conjunction through the charts of some of us who are attending the day.

Barry Goddard has been using astrology to describe and predict world events since 2003, mainly in his blog at He has been doing personal astrology readings since 2002, and also does shamanic healing work. He is based in Moretonhampstead.

Crisis, Renewal and Remaking Our Worlds with Kate Hubert

The journey of Pluto through Capricorn is revealing the corruption and redundancy of the structures that underpin the world as we know it. We are called upon to create new ways of being. Exploring astrological archetypes experientially, we can anchor into a deeper system of significance and begin to understand the inter-relationship between individual and collective experience.

Kate Hubert is influenced by esoteric and Jungian astrologies and a love of druidry. Based in Ashburton, she’s been a professional astrologer since ’99, offering readings, teaching and workshops,

Before Our Eyes with Moira Lake

How has the world changed in the six months since our first astro-day in May? What have we made, together and individually? We’ll look at the astrology of hurricanes, fracking, transhumanism and activism. How does life after 2020 look now? We’ll experience direct input from the planets as we lend them our voices and listen to their conversations.

Moira Lake has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years. She also works as an energy healer and shamanic worker. She practises in Dartington. For more information, visit

Bookings/Info: Kate Hubert   01364 654494

Riding the Tidal Waves of Change

Riding the Tidal Waves of Change

The familiar tells us who we are; but it is in the unknown and the untried that we will find all that we might be. Suzanne Rough


There was something about 2016! We were rocked by a series of significant collective shocks and I’m not talking about Prince! It felt like the world tilted on its axis and we found ourselves living in a reality that looked familiar and yet was changed. Like falling into a dream or waking from one, I’m not sure which!

Why is this? How do I know what I know about the world I live in? There is my observable experience (very limited) and beyond that I have to rely on the interpretation of others (e.g. my friends who kindly – or unkindly – tend to agree with me), and mostly, the media, according to which we are on the brink of all kinds of disaster. We’re descending into chaos as the waves of change crash against our jpersonal and collective shores.

I do not doubt that the challenges we face are grave, but we are also dealing with a culture that seems to be all out to tease and trigger reactions of fear, anxiety, disgust and overwhelm. It used to be the church that told us we were skipping down the primrose path to the everlasting bonfire, now the message comes, via the media, from secular sources. We are also dealing with the struggles of our private lives and inner worlds where negative emotions, more or less inculcated in us, really take hold and lead us into dark places. In the grip of these reactions we form our perceptions of reality, inner and outer.

Private predicaments (e.g. personal problems, illness, poverty, lack of opportunity) are compounded by inner feelings (e.g. low self-esteem, fear of future, vulnerability) and the whole shebang gets conflated with a sour outer reality peddled by the media as being unrelentingly appalling. This conflation of inner and outer worlds is dangerous and overwhelming. It’s too much! Our perception becomes enmired.

The awfulness of it all becomes anaesthetising; one cannot keep engaging. It is futile to do so. A bottle of wine and a sunshine holiday begin to look very attractive indeed – and just as well, because that is about all we’re going to get! The church found that people held in states of fear and shame are very easy to control; a fretful and enfeebled population offers little resistance. And in these digital days, we are all only too happy to carry out our own self-surveillance and pay for the privilege. It’s a funny old world.

Somehow we have to engage with realities in the world in ways that do not paralyse us. Passivity is not an option. Gaia needs our consciousness. We have to know how to protect ourselves without retreating our souls. The planetary world is a wilder, freer, bigger and more beautiful thing than we can conceive. This is still a beautiful world, a world that is wonderful to live in, a place of daily miracles: a world worth fighting for.

Astrology is an unsurpassed tool for interrogating and describing the qualities of time and experience. It is a language that describes cosmic patterns and rhythms. Humankind has to return to the rhythm of the cosmos. That difficulty and opportunity are two sides of the same coin has become a cliché, but we need to practise the art of finding the opportunity in the midst of fear-inducing difficulty. Astrology teaches us that we are all instrumental to a greater unfolding of consciousness: every effort we make to transform inner and outer experience is blessed; every effort to live consciously is blessed; all resistance to soul retreat is blessed.

In the spirit of seeking opportunity amid challenge, three of us astrologers are facilitating a day of astrological exploration to be held on 13th May on the Dartington Estate, near Totnes in South Devon: Riding the Tidal Waves of Change. This is envisaged as an enquiry into the astrology of outward events and inner unfoldings that will serve people and place, renewing strength and vision to help take hold of opportunity, and be the change we want to see. It’s a good world.

Kate Hubert

Awen Astrology

Workshop: Riding the Tidal Waves of Change

waveofchangeA day of astrological exploration for all levels of experience, beginners to professionals

With Barry Goddard, Moira Lake & Kate Hubert

Saturday 13th May 2017, 10am to 5pm, £50 (concessions available)

The Hexagon, Park Rd, Dartington Estate, Totnes TQ9 6EQ

Bookings/Further info:

Brexit/Trump and the Uranus-Pluto Square with Barry Goddard

Arguably the biggest political event of our lifetimes, Brexit came as a shock. The UK chart reveals different sides to the national character, shedding light on what happened, both personally and collectively. Brexit can also be explored in the context of the current Uranus-Pluto square that has revealed the dark underbelly of globalisation and is bringing political change across the western world.

Barry Goddard has been using astrology to describe and predict world events since 2003, mainly in his blog at, as well as in astrology magazines.  He has been doing professional readings since 2002 and also runs shamanic trance dances.

Going for Broke with Moira Lake

Let’s follow all the planets through the heavens as they close in for the dramatic multiple conjunction with Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. What is ending or beginning now? What are our choices? Every day counts. Through enacting planetary energies and exploring dialogue between them, we will learn how to work with these influences so that a world may emerge in which we truly want to live.

Moira Lake has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years.  She also works as an energy healer and shamanic worker.  She practises in Dartington, Devon.  For more information, visit

Overthrowing the Tyrant King with Kate Hubert

What Saturn makes, Uranus breaks. Merlin-like, Uranus brings radical change to our awareness of human possibility. We are held in the tension of incarceration and liberation. Using visualisation to attune to these energies, we can begin to identify them in our own experience and in the wider world. This helps us get conscious and engage with the challenges and possibilities of our times.

Kate Hubert is influenced by esoteric and Jungian astrologies and a love of druidry.  Based in Ashburton, Devon, she’s been a professional astrologer since ’99, offering readings, teaching and workshops.

The Calyx

Summer Solstice

20th June 2016

22:35 GMT


A magical thing, the calyx: if you open it up intrusively, before the flower is formed, it seems to be an empty green space. Given a bit more time you may see an embryonic green flower. Give it its own time and the calyx opens of itself to reveal a beautiful, colourful blossom. It’s nothing short of miraculous. The calyx is the tangible space of creation or manifestation. The word ‘calyx’ shares its root with ‘chalice’, the sacred cup, symbol of feminine power: receptive, holding, creative and manifesting. Ruskin wrote, ‘The calyx is nothing but the swaddling clothes of the flower.’ But a baby is placed into swaddling clothes; it does not magically appear inside of them. The calyx is more rightly the womb, the cauldron of the mother. Continue reading The Calyx

Gemini: The Integrating Principle

Gemini rules the lungs and the bodily process of respiration. Respiration is, of course, the interchange between without and within, the self and the not-self, that is absolutely fundamental to life. The first breath of life taken by the newborn marks the moment of the soul’s incarnation into form (the movement from the state of total dependence to independence of the mother’s body). Breath reveals, paradoxically, both independence and interdependence; it defines the very parameters of self and not-self by crossing the thresholds of the individual body. Continue reading Gemini: The Integrating Principle