Working with the way it is

The aim of the astrological consultations I offer is to encourage self-understanding, insight, authenticity and the power and purposefulness that arise from alignment with soul forces.  This often means dealing compassionately with our entrapment by the default settings of our personalities that cause us difficulty.  I offer one-off readings, updates to returning clients and bi-weekly Mapping the Soul sessions for those wanting to work more deeply or extensively (Mapping the Soul begins with a general reading).

To do a chart reading I ask you for your date, time and place of birth, which I use to draw up your natal chart by hand.  The chart is a mandala showing the energetic patterns of your personality in this lifetime.  Each lifetime is ‘designed’ to be productive of a particular kind of consciousness.  It is this design and this consciousness that I am trying to reveal as I work with a chart; it helps me identify what is purposeful and authentic for you.  Challenges, resources and the past-life inheritance will be part of the emerging picture.

If you have particular questions, concerns or areas of life you would like to consider, please let me know: it is always helpful to be guided.  I write a substantial interpretation of the chart and email it to you and this then forms the context for a consultation/ conversation when we get together (in person or by Skype) and consider the natal chart and current planetary activity affecting it by transit and progression – along with any other questions and issues you wish to bring.  You should allow 1.5 hours for the consultation and I encourage you to bring a recording device, notebook and pen with you.  Most people who record the conversation are pleased they did; there is much information to absorb and it can be overwhelming in one sitting.

I use a sliding scale of charges, inviting you to pay between £70 and £90.  You choose.  The service you receive will be the same whatever you pay.  I charge £50 for natal chart + written reading for children (no consultation) and £50 for updates for returning clients.  I work in Ashburton, South Dartmoor and by Skype.

Mapping the Soul is the exploration of the chart over several bi-weekly sessions to gain a deeper understanding of all the chart reveals and our lived experience of it.  This is bespoke work and how many sessions and what we include is arrived at through discussion.  Cost per one-hour session is £30–£45.

Thank you for your interest in my work.