Working with the way it is

Astrological consultations to encourage self-understanding, insight, authenticity & alignment with soul forces.

To do a chart reading I ask you for your date, time and place of birth, which I use to draw up your natal chart by hand.  The chart is a mandala showing the energetic patterns of your personality in this lifetime.  Each lifetime is ‘designed’ to be productive of a particular kind of consciousness.  It is this design and this consciousness that I am trying to reveal as I work with a chart; it helps me identify what is purposeful and authentic for you.  Challenges, resources and the past-life inheritance will be part of the emerging picture.

If you have particular questions, concerns or areas of life you would like to consider, please let me know: it is always helpful to be guided.  I write a substantial interpretation of the chart and email it to you and this then forms the context for a consultation/ conversation when we get together (in person or by Skype) and consider the natal chart and current planetary activity affecting it by transit and progression – along with any other questions and issues you wish to bring.  You should allow 1.5 hours for the consultation and I encourage you to bring a recording device, notebook and pen with you.  Most people who record the conversation are pleased they did; there is much information to absorb and it can be overwhelming in one sitting.

I use a sliding scale of charges, inviting you to pay between £70 and £90.  You choose.  The service you receive will be the same whatever you pay.  I charge £50 for natal chart + written reading for children (no consultation) and £50 for updates for returning clients.  I work in Ashburton, South Dartmoor and by Skype.

Thank you for your interest in my work.