Gemini: The Integrating Principle

Gemini rules the lungs and the bodily process of respiration. Respiration is, of course, the interchange between without and within, the self and the not-self, that is absolutely fundamental to life. The first breath of life taken by the newborn marks the moment of the soul’s incarnation into form (the movement from the state of total dependence to independence of the mother’s body). Breath reveals, paradoxically, both independence and interdependence; it defines the very parameters of self and not-self by crossing the thresholds of the individual body. Continue reading Gemini: The Integrating Principle


Taurus: Refining Desire

Astrologically, Taurus rules the throat and the throat chakra, vishuddha, which is the etheric counterpart of the thyroid gland. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which represents the principle of attraction. In orthodox astrology Taurus and the second house of the natal chart describe the values and resources of the individual, whereas Libra and the seventh house describe partnership. Venus in Taurus pertains much more to what (and how) one likes, loves, desires and attributes value to; while Venus in Libra suggests how these things are embodied in ‘other’ and encountered in relationship. Taurus, belonging to the earthy triplicity, reveals appetites and modes of sensuality and how these are expressed materially. It refers to our self-expression as well as to how we engage, sensually and practically, with our environments. Libra (belonging to air) is more social than sensual in character, and shows how we interact with others one to one, and with whom we choose to interact. Continue reading Taurus: Refining Desire

Aries: Birthplace of Ideas

The sign Aries rules the head and Aries people have a reputation for bashing their heads. The energy of Aries is the circus dog jumping through a hoop of fire: emergent, excitable, energetic and full of itself. After experiencing the great merge in the collective waters of Pisces, we emerge into individuality in Aries: ‘The first impulse is awakened in Aries, for Aries is the place where the initial idea to institute activity takes form. It is the birthplace of ideas, and a true idea is in reality a spiritual impulse taking form – subjective and objective.’1 Continue reading Aries: Birthplace of Ideas

Spring Equinox 2015

We move from stillness into flux and back, wave upon wave of unfolding ourselves; wave upon wave of becoming what we are: as individuals, communities, soul groups, eco-systems, as shards of the whole Gaia. We move towards authenticity and evolution and we move away from it, into involution. This movement towards and away allows us to become conscious of ourselves; it is an awakening oscillation.

We can feel this potential in our experience of the seasons and the festivals, which are like portals or moments of seeing through into a greater or different reality where greater or different possibilities exist. There are other such portals, allowing us to glimpse new landscapes, urging us to move, develop and adapt. Major aspects between transiting planets create portals. The great and mysterious eclipse cycles that describe the interweaving of Sun, Moon and Earth also create portals.

The Spring Equinox this year is marked by being preceded only hours before by a total solar eclipse and accompanied by the conclusion of a series of seven exact squares between the major heavyweights of our solar system, Uranus and Pluto, that began at Midsummer 2012. The seventh square is exact on 17th March, and Uranus and Pluto occupy the same degree of their signs (Aries and Capricorn respectively) between 12th and 29th March. Continue reading Spring Equinox 2015